Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tooting One's Own

Hi:  P.R. guru Sue McCallum of The Next Level PR, has been keeping track of the reviews and postings about The Top 100 Canadian Singles from the past couple of weeks.  While we haven't collected all of them, and there are a whole bunch of radio and tv interviews that haven't been posted online, and no doubt some we just haven't heard about, this has a few of the highlights.  I haven't gone through to separate all the bad ones out, it's just a list, you can as always make up your own mind.  Like the Avril folks have done!  I haven't read most of them, but I particularly liked being in the wrestling one.  I gotta check that out.  Sue thinks it's the most press any Canadian book has received this year, but she's biased because she thinks I am pretty.

Top 100 Canadian Singles – Links to online coverage.,+Composers,+Singers,+Rappers,+Groups/Neil+Young/02mw0Ku5Dl9pl/1  -  Canada AM,+Geography/Countries/Canada/0aiCfWxfhVggI/1

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