Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The roots here don't refer to roots music; this is modern country for sure.  Instead, it's Clark's own roots she's singing about, back in Canada, and her lifestyle and attitude growing up.  This is her second disc since her self-professed return to this country, and it continues to be a pretty good subject to write about.  The wings refer to her flying alone in a way, as she lost her mother to cancer last year, a dominate person in her life, and ended a relationship, as well as flying back to Canada of late.  All these stories come out on the album.

There are some good touches in those themes.  The song for her mother, Smile, is a fine ballad, not a weeper really, more of a strength through reflection number, featuring Alison Krauss on harmonies.  I like the lead single, Northern Girl, a lot, with plenty of Canuck references, lots of nature remarks, and a shout-out to the National Anthem.  Works for me.  And what a smooth move, covering Trooper's iconic We're Here For A Good Time, a song that still hasn't overstayed its welcome on Canadian radio, and may even prove a hit on the U.S. country charts, where it is so far unknown.

I just wonder what Clark would be like without the accepted and expected Nashville sound.  She produced this herself, down on Music Row, with some of the most talented and famous session names money can buy.  It's a darn good job too, it is exactly what has worked on what's called country radio since the ascension of Garth.  However, as a fan of "Roots" music, I'd actually like to hear her sing and play without the gloss and manufactured charm.  I bet there's even more there that would make me a proud Canadian.


  1. Then come to one of her "Unplugged & Alone" concerts! Just Terri and some of her guitars plus humor etc from TC herself!

  2. Now that's a great comment and idea, thanks! Must check for Maritime dates...