Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Interesting, in every positive sense of the word.  Everett, a B.C. transplant living in Toronto, is a living crash course in different styles, sounds and times.  We'll get to her fascinating voice in a moment, but you should also know she is a classically-trained violinist, and played and sang in a Klezmer band for six years and a bluegrass group for two.  What you'll hear on this six-track EP is music that touches time periods and genres all over the decades, including jazz, torch songs, a touch of Paris, 50's popular, 60's pop, and a hint of her former bands.

Now, the pipes.  Everett has one of those charming, lilting voices that cheers you up, and hints at all kinds of fun.  It's what grabs you immediately and sets the tone that this is going to be something different.  In her case, it's the ability to touch on music your mother should know, and somehow make it sound chic and today.

Everett is also the songwriter, so we're looking at the complete package here.  Gloriously, she has word skills too.  Put Your Hands On Me is a cool tune of desire, again with that playfulness.  The one cover is a remake of a song we all know, but she turns Happy Together on its head, returning it to its love song birth, and dumping The Turtles' big brassy theatrics.  It's too bad the one misstep is the focus song here, leading off the EP and getting the video and airplay treatment.  YoYo, the title cut, is a goof, a tune about loving an old, cracked YoYo and not wanting to get rid of it


  1. I really enjoyed the other songs on the CD; but YOYO is the song that people will identify first with Rebecca Everett as it's quirky and fun and a great singalong and who wouldn't remember it...a song about a yoyo? I love it! Just goes to show the scope of her song writing abilities. While there's playfulness in YoYo there's so much feeling in her love songs. Lindy

  2. I think Yo Yo is a love song! Kind of like the grass isn't always greener. Listen to it again with your love as the Yo Yo...see? Although my daughter did ask her if she still has it...I will have to keep that a secret! I was her #1 fan until Shya (my 3 year old) met Rebecca now I have moved down to #2! I have to put a limit of 5 times in a row for Yo Yo! Love u Becs, Kellie