Saturday, August 6, 2016


The Arkells have a couple of big things going for them, that keep them ahead of the alt-rock pack. First, the songs are always interesting. They are captivating narratives, non-rhyming short stories that often immediately grab you. It's off-beat and surprising, with songs such as Round and Round which opens with the line "I had the grace of a diplomat on his best behaviour," which makes you want to know where that song is going to go. And Drake's Dad? Who even thinks about having Drake's dad show up at the start of their song?

The other big thing is that all these songs are ridiculously catchy. How they can manage to shoehorn all those words and story lines into easy-on-the-ears. compact rockers is a wonder in itself, but they always make 'em like hit singles. Although they don't sound much the same, the group's approach reminds me of The Tragically Hip: smart, interesting, catchy.

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