Friday, January 13, 2017


Halifax's crafty pop composer gets a little introspective on his latest full-length, with some life-affirming tales from his own remarkable life. In particular, there's Here To Stay, his promise to his surprise daughter that brought the British talent to Nova Scotia back in 2012. More lush and rich ballads and stories fill in the picture of this unique troubadour, including very-much sincere cuts titled Life Is So Good and Big Open Heart ("It could never be broken, it's a motor for love").

There's an epic quality to many of the songs, with strings, backing vocals, synth washes and thundering drums filling up the soundscape. But he can strip it back as well, with more acoustic tracks and quiet moments on the second half of the disc. An Old Innocence has the baroque touches of early Bee Gees, with a haunting vocal. He's not so sunny on these cuts, but he vows to try to wake up feeling happy, even with fear and doubt in his life. It's a brave, and positive outlook.

Jont's on another of his occasional jaunts, with tour dates over the next week. There's a show in Fredericton Friday the 13th at the Capital, a late start there, then it's up to Toronto on Tuesday the 17th for a night at the legendary Horseshoe. Plus there's another one on Friday, Jan. 20 in Rothesay, NB, a house concert advertised on Jont's Facebook site.

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