Monday, January 30, 2017


One of the better aspects of being a music reviewer is that some musicians actually search you out, usually to get you to listen to a new CD or come to a show. Sometimes though, they just get in touch because they figure you should be on each other's radar, as we're in the same field, even though they don't have anything to promote right then. I get a lot of Facebook friend requests, Linkedin, and Twitter invites.

Richard Carr, a blues guy from Montreal did just that before Christmas, reached out to say hi, and even wanted to send along a little music. Now, Richard hasn't released anything for awhile, and these days you're more likely to find the guitar player working with harmonica player Isabelle Lemelin in the Lemelin-Carr Band. But back in 2011 he put out his own solo album called Tell Everybody, which is what he sent to me. Normally, I only review new albums or recent reissues, but it's January, it's pretty slow for new releases, Carr was nice enough to get in touch and send the disc, and I like it, so why the heck not?

The guy has a bunch of stuff going for him, especially a solid jump blues sound. This is flashy, splashy stuff, boogie with lots of jazz hanging around, with the classic clean, bandstand sound. It swings. Carr has a terrific bunch of players out of the Montreal scene, and is a skilled guitar player, again with a very clean sound, jazzy and quick. He has a seasoned voice, easy on the ears, and aside from one cover, came up with a full album of new material that has all the quality of vintage numbers. Carr and the band make it sound so easy, but that's all part of the relaxed atmosphere, barely containing some dynamite playing.

Sure, it's almost six years old, but hey, it's new to you, right? Check him out on Facebook at RichardCarrMusic, and see if he has some other copies around.

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