Thursday, March 1, 2018


The Ice Queen is on fire on this release, her first for Edmonton's beloved Stony Plain label. Sounding relaxed and pleased to be in the studio, Foley has returned to Austin where she spent much of her early career, and recorded this new one with lots of pals, stars and influences. The good vibes come over plain as day, with Foley singing and playing at the top of her game, and her new songs sharp and smart.

Indeed, Foley's writing so well, I'm tempted to call this a singer-songwriter album, especially as she stretches on songs Death Of A Dream, which is jazz-influenced, and The Dance, a solo acoustic flamenco-styled number. The lyrics, especially to the latter, are inspired, The Dance a dramatic tale you'd never find from another blues performer. There's also a solo take on the Carter Family's Cannonball Blues, where she shows off her mastery of that style of country blues storytelling.

Worry not though, electric blues fans, there's lots of that too, featuring one heck of a team, featuring Double Trouble/Arc Angel drummer Chris Layton, producer Mike Flanigin (Jimmie Vaughan) on keys, Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson) on electric bass, Johnny Bradley (Gary Clark Jr.) on standup bass, and The Texas Horns. In other words, some of the best of Austin. Then add in a trio of special guests ... Jimmy Vaughan, Charlie Sexton and Billy Gibbons ... and the party really gets going. Foley won't be overshadowed though. Her lead playing stings throughout, and her significant drawl plus sweet higher range gives her a fascinating vocal style. With all these elements firing at once, it's time to consider Foley among the very top tier of blues stars in North America.

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