Saturday, April 28, 2018


I'm so out of touch with teenagers and whatever they are into right now, whether it's Nicki Minaj or Instagram or video games, do they still play video games? I seriously couldn't have a conversation with one of them. Well wait, there's one anyway, this East Texas talent, all of 19, leading her own band, and with two albums to her name. Lo and behold, she's actually beholding to the blues, a lead guitar shredder with a serious interest in Texas electric, and a growing fan base, including lots of impressed pros. Guesting here are guitar fiend Gary Hoey, a certified surf rock champ, and Texas harmonica favourite Steve Krase, who also co-produces.

While she's obviously taking the guitar thing seriously, and handles herself very well alongside the guest aces here, Venable is looking toward the long term too. She wrote eight of the 10 cuts here, moving toward her own voice in the blues world. And it's a pretty loud one; there's not a ballad or acoustic track here, it's all flat-out tough stuff, even pushing into some old-school blues-rock. I like that, I might even follow her on Instagram.

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