Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Matt Steele is from Kentucky and ended up in Halifax, but that's another story. The story behind this second album from his band, following 2016's Songs For Catherine Anne, is equally interesting, and pretty intense too. It follows a partially-autobiographical situation that goes through a manipulative relationship, lost love, overcompensation, mental health trials and addiction. Somehow it all comes out in some of the most upbeat and exciting guitar rock in the true Halifax pop explosion tradition.

With lots of stabbing guitars, revved-up choruses and sweet lead lines, the band tears through eight bold numbers easily described as power pop. The buzzsaw attack of It Won't Happen Again is a brave face in a bad place, "I don't scare easy, I don't fall apart." Rescue Ship is a nautically-themed rebound number: "I've been deep down in my own Marianas Trench, plumbing the depths just to see how bad it can get." There's lots of fine lines, sarcasm, false bravado and hope too, all packaged like a perfect Friday-midnight rock show at the best club in town. If this album had a motto, it would be "Life's crazy, hand me that guitar."

If you're looking for a perfect Thursday night rock show at the best club in town, check out the album launch dates this week for Half Girl Half Ghost. Steele and Corvette Sunset will be at the Seahorse in Halifax Thursday, June 7, Peppers Pub in Saint John Friday night, Back Alley Music in Charlottetown Saturday afternoon for an in-store, and then Saturday night it's Hunter's Ale House in that fine city. Nick Faye and the Deputies support each show, while Hello Delaware join in for Saint John and Charlottetown.

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