Monday, June 25, 2018


As the only member of The Avengers able to calm down The Hulk, Johansson has no problem chilling out alt-rocker Yorn on this five-track EP. It's their second collaboration, but first since 2009's album Break Up, and her first collection since then. Of course, she has plenty of other hobbies to keep her busy. It's Yorn who initiates these things, calling on his friend when he wants a woman's point of view in material about relationships. They were friends before, and as he's said, it helps she can sing.

There's nothing remarkable to her voice, but nothing to get upset about either. She does offer that cool, brooding counter to his tenderness, and they blend well in harmonies. I could go for a little more fun though; the best track is Bad Dreams, which has the most life to it, and Johansson gets to stretch past her regular role, with a little energy. Yorn certainly knows how to rock, but seems to go with the moody stuff here, leaning on the tech and echo. True, it's dreamy, and that was the point. There's not a lot of room for variety on a five-cut release. Maybe if they decide not to wait another decade, they could rock out a bit next time.

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