Tuesday, May 24, 2016


There's a little bit of everything St. James can do here, as she continues to broaden her sound past rockabilly. We still get some fiery, uptempo stuff in that vein, but there's more classic country sounds now, although still coming straight out of that fertile late-50s and early-60's period. This lets us hear her more of her writing and singing talents and gives the hot players behind her more freedom as well.

Honeymoon Stage is a sadcore ballad, Patsy-powered, a charmer if you're so inClined. Here Ginger takes the on the wedding bell blues, but with updated lyrics and reality check for those lovebirds who get the blinders taken off their eyes. Somebody Shot Me is a film noir script, St. James putting the fatal in femme fatale. Best of Me and You is more trouble, this twang-filled number about a couple like ''fire and gasoline." Hair of the Blackdog just rips it, rockabilly meets Zeppelin, no joke.

While showing all these sides, St. James still has time to show off her secret weapon too, giving guitar ripper SnowHeel Slim his own instrumental number among the nine tracks. And there's even a little bit of beauty at the end, Merry Go Round a touching number that's about small-town life changing, the horses rusted and abandoned on the ride. With each release, the Hamilton singer gets more impressive.

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