Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Top 100 Canadian Singles has had its second official launch event, this time in Vancouver.  Zulu Records was the site, and how appropriate.  Zulu has been active in the Vancouver music scene since the 70's, and is the spiritual home of the indie/alternative/punk scene in that city.  Its roots go deep, with such bands as Payolas, DOA, Slow, and Pointed Sticks.  Plus, where better to host a book launch about great Canadian music, than a great Canadian music store?

In the house was MC Grant Lawrence, Mr. CBC Radio 3.  Grant graciously took time off his own book tour to appear.  His new Adventures In Solitude was released this past Monday, and promises to be a great read, from my initial flipping of the pages.  Grant took the mic. and peppered me with questions about the Top 100 Canadian Singles, and then let the folks on the floor have a go too.  For a half-hour, we got to talk about Canadian music, whether it was in the book or not, engage the people there, and simply have a good time.

It would be remiss of me to not mention the appearance of several members of the 1978 graduating class of Fredericton High School.  Including myself, there were five in attendance, my West Coast friends Sue Hughson, Karen Vanderleedon, Andrew Bartlett and Suzanne Richard.  In fact, these fine folks hosted me the entire weekend, acting as tour guides, drivers, entertainment coordinators, dinner facilitators, and paparazzi.  Much coffee and stronger stuff was consumed.  Gelato was a high point.  Sushi and Malaysian and Jamaican, oh my.

Again, several of the jurors who voted in the Top 100 Canadian Singles were also in attendance, and it's always great to see and thank them.  A shout-out goes to Jill Barber, who assures me she came to see me talk, not her husband Grant.  Francois Marchand, Josh McNorton from the Albums jury, Kevin "Sipreano" Howes, Carol Maclean, and I'm probably forgetting someone.  It's been a whirlwind.

Okay, now it's on to Calgary.  The book launch there is Tuesday, Oct. 5, at Melrose on 17th Ave SW, 7 PM, hosted by CBC Radio's Danielle Nerman, who is a friend and a hoot.  In the meantime, the press and interviews keep on coming.  Before the launch, Grant and I sat down for an interview for his Radio 3 show, which will air this Tuesday.  And on Radio 2, I'll be a guest all week long in the morning with Bob Mackowycz.  Let's see...more CBC, I'm going to be on Calgary's Radio 1 afternoon show on Tuesday.  TV, check out Breakfast Television in Calgary with Tara Slone, Tuesday morning.  Monday night I'm on with Rob Breakenridge at 9 PM on AM 770 CHQR in Calgary, and AM 630 CHED in Edmonton.  I think that's it for a couple of days..

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