Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Here's the first salvo from the new Bowie box set, Loving The Alien, coming out in October. This is another of the 7" picture discs, a series that has been following the 40th anniversary of original singles, but this is something different. Instead, it's a "new" Bowie single, as this features brand-new versions of two songs from the Never Let Me Down (2018) album that is the highlight of the upcoming box.

What's happened is that the entire 1987 album has been remade, using Bowie's original vocals but adding mostly new instrumental parts. Bowie hated the original album, and most of fans agreed, as it was made with drum machines and synths and was a blatantly commercial effort. It's a little hard to judge the final efforts, as picture discs don't have the best fidelity, but listening to the new versions of Zeroes and the flip, Beat Of Your Drum, these are more stripped-down, punchier tracks  now. They are quite radical remakes, a pretty rare move, but given Bowie's oft-stated wish to redo the tracks, it feels okay. These still aren't the best songs Bowie wrote, but it does bode well for the full album. Me, I like these picture discs, as usual the photos are great, and as a little bonus, these are edited versions of the new album mixes, so there's collector interest as well.

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