Sunday, March 5, 2017


Whitney Rose has come a long way, quite literally. Her career began in P.E.I., then she worked out of Toronto for a couple of years, and now finds herself in Austin, Texas. This mini-album (six cuts, 22 minutes) sees her introduce her new Texan band and sound, which is a little more western swing than her previous country sounds. There's fiddle on every song, steel guitar on most them, a tune about bluebonnets, plus one about Luckenbach. Another is about her boots. Stompin' Whitney Rose. Anne of Austin.

Authenticity isn't an issue here, as this is more of a tribute to the Texan sound, a love letter even. Three Minute Love Affair is about the instant romance of the dance floor, with some accordion for Tex-Mex flavour. Bluebonnets For My Baby is all about the tradition of the music and the imagery, a love song for a simpler time. Analog, a breezy 50's shuffle graced by the tinkle of the great Earl Poole Ball's piano, is an argument for old over new. My Boots, more of a Waylon-like track, is for those who wouldn't be caught dead in heels, no matter what the occasion. She wrote four of the six tracks here, and even though she was born well after any of this was first in vogue, Rose obviously has both an affinity for the style and an ability to pick up the subtleties. While this is a transitional album, it will be interesting to see if she's found her place for awhile.

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