Sunday, August 14, 2011


The very talented Roxanne Potvin is touring down my way this week, which makes it an excellent time to look at her most recent disc, which dropped, as the kids say, back in April.  Now, in the history of popular music, it's been proven you have to be pretty brave to change horses mid-stream, and that's what Potvin has done.  She started out as a bright new light in blues and soul, moved to Toronto from Quebec, got all set up.. and it didn't sit right with her.  She found she wasn't being true to her muse, just working in that field.  She had more modern paths to follow.  The blues was just one of her interests.  She took time to regroup, rethink, and write.  Then, by chance, Vancouver producer Steve Dawson phoned about working together.  Dude is one of the best roots-type producers going, and a match was struck.

So, old fans are going to be surprised, and I hope pleasantly, as I sure am.  Potvin was dead right to do what she did, she obviously had so much to explore.  Throw on the New Wave-flavoured and crazed "Dis-moi que tu m'aimes", and you'll find energy untapped since Plastic Bertrand did "Ça plane pour moi".   "Pretty Girls" keeps the power pop going, with a refreshing under-30 singer taking a strong poke at the fashion industry.  Geoff Hicks Motown-perfect drums drive the track, flavoured with synths and plenty of funk.  These musicians are having a blast.

Potvin bounces about musically, which is ideal, with a couple of numbers in French, and lots of different tricks and textures courtesy of Mr. Dawson.  The one constant is an excellent vocal presence in the mix, her warm singing soft but full.  On "Seashells", it's plain dreamy, a fantasy trip on a different plain.  She can also put an edge on the funkier stuff, with a good growl when she wants.  But the big surprise in all this art is a cover of Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy", dripping with irony and cool.  Real cool, not the attempt at cool most young indie bands do their best to muster.  This thing rocks.

Ms. Potvin can be found this week at:

15/08/11 Baba’s, Charlottetown, PEI
16/08/11 Plan B, Moncton, NB w/ Sarah Jayne Doiron
17/08/11 Creek View Restaurant, Gagetown, NB w/Jay Aymar
18/08/11 Vintage, Hampton, NB w/ Jay Aymar
19/08/11 Bourbon Quarter, Saint John, NB

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