Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm sure Mick and John and even Stevie wish Buckingham would pass more songs their way.  But this time, I doubt there's much they'd want, even if it meant another Mac reunion and tour.  This stuff ain't the pop hits he can drop with ease.  Instead, Buckingham seems to have completely given up on the verse-chorus-solo work, and gone with his kind of guitar noodling.  The whole album has the feeling of "what the hell, hardly anybody will buy this anyway, I'm going to do what I really want".

What we get is Lindsey the Mad Professor, or at least wacky.  It's the guy who brought us Tusk all those years ago, his first bold statement that not everything has to be three minutes of lush glory.  He does that repetitive guitar noodling on almost every track here, with the same tone and advanced speed each time.  I find it very annoying, and while it's his distinctive and signature style, I'd rather it be retired, instead of promoted.

Rock Away Blind could have been a single, if it was built into something more than a repetitive guitar number (again, that annoying plucky guitar, you hear as much pick on the strings as you do the note).  I would love to hear a band kick in behind it, God, anything else than those notes, over and over again.  He does a nice version of The Rolling Stones' She Smiled Sweetly, and that could have been a ballad hit, again, if it was fleshed out.  Only one track here features other musicians and instruments, and Buckingham somehow makes it sound like they are playing child's toys.  Hey, I'm all for experiments and creative freedom for artists, but it the artist in question is regressing, then you gotta call him on it.

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