Sunday, October 9, 2011


This is a cool blend of melodic jazz and World sounds, by very effective three piece.  Montreal-born St-Laurent is the guitar whiz, but equal props have to go to other members.  Jordan O'Connor adds a major vibe with his bowed bass, and roots the group in some blues.  Percussionist Michel DeQuevedo makes it a whole new deal, with highly individual playing, often on bongos, part of his mixed drum kit.  The Mexican transplant's Latin grooves fit seamlessly into the African-influenced playing from St-Laurent.

What's most enjoyable about this disc is the wide variety of styles featured in the nine tracks.  That's helped by two guest vocal pieces, one African and one English, and St-Laurent's ability to cycle through quite a few melodic phrases in some of the longer pieces, while never losing our attention.  He's a fluid and enjoyable player, clean as a whistle and this is very warm, fun music.  It's very busy too, but with just the three musicians, it's enjoyable to hear them riffing, and never tedious.

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