Saturday, October 5, 2019


If you want more proof that Canadians do blues very, very well, look no further than Montreal's sensational singer Dawn Tyler Watson. Her latest, Mad Love, has just won her Female Artist of the Year from the Blues Blast Music Awards, beating out such vets as Maria Muldaur in that U.S. mag's annual plaudits.

It's easy to hear why on Mad Love. The album explodes right away, with the sizzling "Alligator," which features extended harp action from Steve Marriner (MonkeyJunk) on a fast-paced driving track. Think "Radar Love" as an electric blues cut. Always soulful on her albums, Watson gets deep and rich on the Gospel-influenced "Feels Good To Watch You Go," as piano and organ weave around her singing, the tune building to a mighty finish. It's a good time to mention the bulk of the playing comes from the Ben Racine Band, with whom she usually tours. Together they won the group category at the 2017 Memphis International Blues Challenge.

The Racine band is just as multi-faceted as Watson, able to follow her into New Orleans for "You're The Only One For Me," with Racine adding duet vocals. The horn section of the group stars throughout, punctuating "Masochistic Heart." That's one of several originals on the disc, another strong side for Watson. Her lyrics are fresh, cliche-free and smart, not stuck in yesterday's blues forms. Mad Love is a disc that shows the way forward for the blues.

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