Thursday, October 28, 2021


"That fierce love" Ramolo sings about in "Quarantine Dream" is not something to take lightly. Raw emotion is soaked through the whole 10-song set, our searches and hopes, the desire to feel as deeply and bravely as we can. Dreams are referenced throughout, but there's no difference between the waking and sleeping ones, they are all about what we truly long for, intimate connection, fulfillment.

Maybe it's her Mediterranean passion. She sings about coming alive in "Italian Summer," for her that special place where everything comes together, "that sweet sunkissed beauty." Bliss slips out of the sensual pop of that song, but others are more haunted folk, that dream state, where her vocals become ethereal. There's even a splendid and very different take on the common theme of being a musician on the road. "Road Kill" is an eerie, middle of the night trip to the next show, and the other-worldly feel of darkness alternating with the white lines, like a scene from a David Lynch movie. The songs leave one unsettled and inspired, each in the best way.

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