Wednesday, October 19, 2022


Rawlins Cross has always been a great band to represent the whole East Coast music scene. Somehow, they find the perfect sound or the best line, to sum up the whole thing. On the group's 11th LP, it's found in the song "Tides," where the group turns an old cliche on its head to make it Atlantic-themed:  "Gently rocking on the tides that bind us." 

The band has been doing this for 33 years now, mixing genres, provinces, traditions, and new sounds, coming up with what I always think of as Reel 'n' Roll, after their early East Coast anthem of the same name. With one foot in the rich musical heritage and the other in celebratory, anthemic rock, the music proves you can embrace tradition and innovation at the same time. It's a place where pipes jam with electric guitar on "Leave the Light On," and accordion and whistle handle the melody along with a pounding rhythm section on the new single "Love Is Alright." Add in the full-throated Joey Kitson, sounding as ever like a pirate trained at Julliard, and you have this special blend that could only come from this place.

The band reconvenes every couple of years or so for an album and tour, and this is the first time back since the start of the pandemic, and luckily there are lots of tour dates through the fall. Catch the group at:

Oct. 21    - Glasgow Square          - New Glasgow, N.S.
Oct. 22    - Highland Arts Theatre - Sydney, N.S.
Oct. 23    - Capitol Theatre            - Moncton, N.B.
Oct. 24    - The Playhouse             - Fredericton
Oct. 26    - Confederation Centre  - Charlottetown
Oct. 28    - Rebecca Cohn              - Halifax
Oct. 29    - Th' YARC Playhouse   - Yarmouth, N.S.
Oct. 30    - Astor Theatre               - Liverpool, N.S.
Nov. 5      - Holy Heart Theatre     - St. John's


  1. "Joey Kitson, sounding as ever like a pirate trained at Julliard..." thanks for that Bob. We'll be using that one for years to come ;-)

  2. Yeah, I was kinda proud of that one!