Friday, February 13, 2015


Valentine's Day on Saturday, what better time to be good to your woman? That's the theme for the Julian Taylor Band's show at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern for Valentine's Day. Taylor has been speaking out in support of women's shelters and organizations with the Be Good To Your Woman challenge, started after his song of the same name. A social media campaign has been launched, getting people to speak out and share.

Taylor's been sharing via song, with his new album Tech Noir. Taylor has been building his solo career of late, quite different from his years leading Staggered Crossing. This is a much more soulful, funky sound, with rich grooves and tons of hooks, a real return to the glory days of Top 40 70's soul. You Say starts with a sharp horn burst, and moves into a slick Stax blues groove. No Guns! adds a wah-wah groove, and tons of tightness. Even the ballads have balls, Hurt Me filled out with slicing guitar. As for Be Good To Your Woman, it's a simple, effective message, in an uplifting, wicked mid-tempo groove, with a real piano even. It's a gem of a Canadian soul record.

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