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There's a cool YouTube video getting passed around music fans right now, of this Cape Breton powerhouse.  It's Carmen acoustic, all alone and center stage at Massey Hall, wooing them with her song 'Til The Morning.  Townsend is currently winning over thousands of new folks as she goes across country, opening for Heart on that band's hugely successful tour.  Townsend won the slot after vets Ann and Nancy Wilson got a listen to her debut album, and gave the thumbs up.  Take a look and listen:

That's the solo world for Carmen but you'll find none of that on her new disc.  You will get that energy and talent though.   For any East Coast fan who has watched her the past few years, with the old Carmen Townsend and the Shaky Deal days, through her time having fun in the Tom Fun Orchestra, they know she's a rocker for the most part.  Leading her own power trio, Townsend has always made a big noise, and that's the style on Waitin' And Seein'.  Wailing away on the guitar, captivating on vocals, she's like the Wilson Sisters all in one.

Except of course, this isn't classic rock, it's the brand-new deal, and Townsend's not like anyone else.  She sings like Bjork meets Jeff Buckley, makes a mighty guitar noise, and writes her own stuff.  This is rave-rocker stuff, but without the easy jams.  Instead, it's an all-out attack, with songs rich with melody, and full-lunged vocals.  And when Townsend does pull out that acoustic for some fast-paced strumming, there's nothing wimpy about it, with the chords chiming, and the vocals captivating.  She stretches out last words over several notes..."a - ga-ah-ah-ah-ah-en, a frai-ai-ai-ai aid".  It's surely her own style, and between the Heart tour and the new album, this should be a breakout album and tour for Carmen Townsend.

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