Thursday, May 24, 2012


Miss Quincy's a bit of trouble, for sure.  The B.C. roots-and-blueswoman could have been found in some honky-tonk out west a hundred years ago, taunting the cowboys, the best singer and best-looking, too.  Oh, except that they hadn't invented the electric guitar then, so half her tunes would have been a little less raunchy.  She's definitely taking inspiration from the belters of the past, and mixing it with the roots sound of today.  Blues for sure, some Western influences, rockabilly at time, a couple of more modern ballads, she has a lot going on.  It's a smart blend that makes sure she isn't just retro, and she's carved out her own sound.

The disc has quite a bit of fun to it, getting into the occasional innuendo and some good yarns.  The title cut, Love Me Like The Devil Does, is a nasty bit of deep south blues, with a scandalous lyric (if we were indeed in 1930).  Impressively, on the next cut, Going Down, she slows it down and you realize what a fine voice she has, like Norah Jones with some more toughness.  Meanwhile, rich old electric guitar straight out of the Sun Studio is keeping everything rocking and vintage. 

Miss Quincy wrote everything here, except for the double entendre Nina Simone song, I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl, a perfect choice for this set.  The word is her new, all-woman backing band The Showdown is just as smokin', and hopefully I (and you) will get the chance to check 'em out soon.  They are on a huge, months-long country-wide tour, that stops by my little village of Fredericton for the next two days, including tonight (Thursday, May 24) at the Snooty Fox and tomorrow at Fusion.

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