Thursday, July 5, 2012


Well, as you can read, I already have my own blog.  But now, another blog has done me the honour of featuring me in its latest post.  It's a new site devoted to the hobby and passion of record collecting, especially in these here Maritime provinces, where I live.

It's called Maritime Vinyl, and has lots of fun and informative posts already, in just six-plus months of existence.  You can find out how to set up your turntable, for instance, for all you who are new to vinyl, or old folks like me who forgot after the digital decades.  There's a primer on how to tell original Beatles albums from later pressings, something that will help you avoid a $50 dollar mistake at the flea market.  And, there are features on record collectors in the region, and that's where I come in.  Maritime Vinyl gives me a nice plug for the Top 100 Canadian Singles and Albums books, and grills me on my pathetic lifelong addiction to Beach Boys collecting.  And there are photos!  See my basement! Check out my Australian Fun Fun Fun E.P.

And, check out the blog, it's a cool place to check in for the growing number of vinyl enthusiasts.  Here's the linkage:

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