Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Kitchener, Ontario's Soulstack returns with thick and sweet soul, ten originals and a sanctified cover of the barn burner This May Be The Last Time.  The key here is how well the band plays together, guitars weaving in and out, the rhythm section pulsing, and Mark Wessenger's keys leading the charge.  Great vocals, too.  Guitarist Jonathan Knight handles the leads, and the gospel-influenced harmonies have that rough but right on southern feel.  Knight deserves extra kudos for the production, with the mix and the arrangements quite a joy to hear, each instrument distinct, rising to the front for leads, and perfectly filling the right spot in the song. 

There are several standout tracks;  Friend covering the smooth ballad side, with rich and tasty chords and a blue-eyed soul vocal.  Hangin' In The Kitchen brings the funk, Tom Bona's big drums driving a cool syncopated groove, sounding like the Tower Of Power rhythm section.  Not The Only One sees Knight and Wessenger share the vocals on a big feel-good number, featuring rich organ and a Lowell George-worthy slide lead.  Want You To Stay has some of the best chords since Al Green's heyday.  Through it all, the playing is impeccable, a totally successful album.

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