Friday, October 31, 2014


Following up a 2013 EP, Toronto's Emilia presents her first full album, E. Featuring smooth singing from the 22-year-old, there's some pop, jazz, a bit of club stuff, everything centered around her voice. She's at her best with piano ballads such as The City Misses You, a track that doesn't try to be anything too modern. It's actually the retro charms that appeal the most, such as Howard Moore's trumpet work after some nicely-plucked double-bass.

Even though she's a one-named singer, there aren't many diva moments here, she's no over-emoter. She's the writer too, and given the wide range of material and moods, there are lots of ways for her to proceed. Again, I like the softer side, Dizzy another piano track with the softest accompaniment, just letting her good pipes do the work. That kind of stuff never goes out of style.

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  1. Really glad you enjoyed it Bob. As her manager and label head, I'm biased of course, but in my humble opinion, this 22 Year old artist has all the goods to become a major international star. The best thing is, she doesn't possess any of the aforementioned Diva traits either