Sunday, April 1, 2012


The inevitable covers album, by the famed daughters of John Phillips (The Mamas &The Papas) and Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), and it's surprising that the trio hasn't done this already.  I guess it was always held in reserve, for when they needed to kick start their careers again.  I see there's a new reality TV show launching this month on them, so that could have something to do with it.  Lord knows it's been many, many years and a couple of major cosmetic surgeries, a talk show and who knows what else since they've have a hit.

So, we get five M&P tunes, and seven Beach Boys, and for the most part, it's The Mamas & The Papas tracks that sound the best.  Maybe that's because they were originally sung by women, and the gender problem of songs such as Don't Worry Baby and Fun, Fun, Fun don't come up.  I also think their particular vocal blend (pretty sugary-sweet) sound better on those.  The best are the lesser-known tunes, Dedicated To The One I Love, Twelve Thirty, and Got A Feelin', which all feature killer vocal arrangements, and don't sound as dated as California Dreamin'.

Most of The Beach Boys are just too glossy, and the production way too slick.  Of course, how do you match the peerless vocals and studio creations found on Don't Worry Baby, God Only Knows, and Wouldn't It Be Nice?  They do better on I Can Hear Music, thanks to strong vocals, but really pull a surprise on Good Vibrations.  That could have been a complete disaster, but instead, they did something that, as far as I know (which is a lot when it comes to The Beach Boys), nobody has done before:  a complete a cappella version of the tune, which actually sounds great.  Now, it wasn't accomplished without overdubs and (ga..) robo-AutoTune, but it's still cool nonetheless.  Honestly, I'm pretty surprised I like half this album.

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