Friday, January 16, 2015


By the looks of this, it would seem to be a crappy, knock-off best-of set, cheaply manufactured, like you used to see for sale at gas stations, for travelers or truckers sick of the radio on some long trip.  It has one CD of hits and misses, and a DVD of tracks with no explanation of the source of the video.  Inside, there was even less information, the lousiest booklet ever.  What a surprise to find out the DVD is actually a copy of the European set The Lost Broadcasts, which compiled some rare early band TV appearances.  The first three date back to the group's debut album, and are pre-Steve Howe, with Pete Banks on guitar.  That includes No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Required, Looking Around, and Survival, shot in black and white for Germany's Beat-Club program.  Then comes Time and a Word in colour from a Belgian broadcast, before heading back to Beat-Club, now with Howe on board, but still no Rick Wakeman.  This is actually the preferred line-up for some, Tony Banks a fine keyboard man without Wakeman's pomp.  The unique bit of this footage is three different takes of All Good People, as the tech crew play with the psychedelic effects.  Howe especially does much different work on each.

There are several best-of Yes collections around, with more superior track listings, but this does cover the basics:  Roundabout, Starship Trooper, Long Distance Runaround, and of course, Owner of a Lonely Heart.  But throw in the uncommon DVD, and at 16 bucks you have good car ride home and something fun to watch when you get there.

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