Thursday, August 25, 2016


Lots going on over six songs and 30 minutes, from pastoral, dreamy folk to outlandish noise to East Coast pop-rock (even though Mr. Cabin, Jona Barr, lives in Whitehorse). There's a ridiculously long list of indie stalwarts playing on the album, which was recording in several locations along the dusty trail. I'm thinking of naming that connecting road of gigs and pals and couches that the alt-Canadian music scene travels, perhaps it should be called "the poutine circuit", in homage to the famous chitlin' circuit in the 50s-60s gospel/soul/r'n'b world. But I digress.

While Barr's vocal is always buried and somewhat ragged, it's often contrasted by clear, ear-sweet elements, like the violin part on opener Where Did You Go, or the bit of organ that peaks through the sludge of that track's second, intense part, called !?!. That's the one that goes all nuts with the distortion and chaos at its end. As if in relief, the rest of the set is relatively pain-free musically at least, with the acoustic strumming of Joe, and its gentle admonishment of a friend touching, with actual nice harmonies.Anyway, a lot to digest in a short time, but that's what the repeat option is for.

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