Monday, April 10, 2017


The NP's are feeling more like a full-time band than ever these days. It's been less than three years since their last album, the hailed Brill Bruisers, and they are set for a tour that takes them through North America and over to Europe until August. However, it's also the first album they've done without Destroyer's Dan Bejar in the ranks, so it really is the A.C. Newman and friends show now.

No Matter, Newman's more than capable and firing on all cylinders these days. His celebratory pop is positively exploding here, with both good vibes and all those wonderful melodies. Synths burble away in a combination of '80s new wave and modern artistic triumph. And of course, there's the ultimate drawing card, the best co-vocalist in the game, Neko Case. She seems to be even more present on this set, taking the lead more often than not, and always there to join in on the chorus or go call-and-response on a verse. She takes part with great enthusiasm in Newman's pop dreams, ready to chime in with any needed ooh-ooh, driving the songs with her own mystery. When all is said and done, The New Pornographers always have these great strengths: Fantastic songs and Neko Case.

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