Tuesday, February 20, 2018


A completely one-woman effort from Muir, except for a couple of horn parts (and a chainsaw), including the production and engineering. That's lots of keyboards, bass, percussion, synth, violin, and her main axe, the ukulele. While her personality, choice of instruments and cheery melodies make for a bright, easy listen, and she's certainly done lots of charming art in the past, this set has tougher stuff at its core. Several of the songs address her battle with endometriosis, a painful condition that kept her from life performances for a time.

She wrote though, and then did a whirlwind recording session over two weeks, with lots of vibrant electro-pop, the kind that took six members of Martha and the Muffins to make back in '80. Well, just a little more ukulele. Meanwhile, listen closer and you'll hear hints of her trials, such as "What doesn't kill you could make you invincible" and "Like a girl possessed - crumbles to the floor in a bloody mess" in Girl Possessed. Equal parts fun and fearless.

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