Saturday, March 31, 2018


Jann Arden sounds like she's having fun on this album, which is welcome, because sometimes she sounds just too darn sad, and we all know what a great sense of humour she has. Lead track Everybody's Pulling On Me, with its girl group throwback sound, addresses getting away from the people bringing you down. There are several songs with similar positive advice, and there's even a page in the booklet devoted to one line: These are the days to kick ass. That's no doubt directed at herself as much as us.

Bob Rock produced and co-wrote most of the tracks with Arden, and its a solid collaboration. The songs play to her strengths, with the focus on the vocals and not too much, well, Rock, or rock. And it's no exercise is being up for up's sake either. A Long Goodbye addresses being the caregiver to her mother as she progresses with Alzheimer's, also the topic of her most recent book. It's a powerful, unflinching song, and that's what ties all this material together, the strength in the lyric. Come Down The River With Me is a full-on gospel rocker, Franklin is Southern Soul, One More Mile To Go could be a new country hit, and includes my favourite line, "I pulled over to grab a cup of coffee and use a dirty bathroom." The album is varied, runs the gamut of emotions, but never loses that strength.

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