Friday, October 12, 2018


The Alberta blues singer/songwriter gets deep and rich on her fifth album, with a set of songs that reach back decades for their Southern feel, yet feature a solid, modern smartness. Working with producer Steve Dawson and his cast of roots stalwarts, the ensemble swings throughout, while letting Danser's rich, smooth voice shine. She has a really mellow tone in a lower register, which works very well with the woody grooves the band cooks up.

Some of her tunes are in homage to classic styles, including Memphis, Tennessee, which could be a theme song or travelogue anthem for the city, with Dawson's slide and Jim Hoke's harp leading the way. Her cover of Sam McGhee' Chevrolet Blues has a great country blues swing to it, with fiddle from Matt Combs. But she also offers her own modern takes, Kansas City Blues set in a snowstorm, our singer "broke, worn and tired", but definitely in the 21st century. For all the rich history Danser calls on, her other foot is equally planted in today's melting pot of blues and roots.

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