Tuesday, June 10, 2014


He's happy, he's poppy, but he has a cynical streak a kilometer wide too.  From vengeful to corrupt to downright twisted, Fisher hides his dark topics in infectious, pleasing and pretty numbers.  If you don't listen closely, you'll think all's right in the world.

As a parting gift in a break-up, he writes a Last Song for the ex.  But unlike Edward Bear's song of the same name, this comes from a poisoned pen:  "Maybe it'll get stuck in your head/running in circles and driving you mad."  Song In My Heart, with its Spirit In The Sky groove, reveals the tune is "sweet and it's a great big mess."  A duet with Serena Ryder, Uh-oh, is about the culture of denial.  It's okay if you don't get caught, and even if you do, just deny it some more.

The one I like most (which probably speaks volumes about me) is the ghoulish The Bride Is Dead, where the love of his life has unfortunately met her demise, but he marries her anyway:  "It was easier I guess, fitting in her wedding dress/cuz she hadn't eaten in a couple weeks."  Lots of writers like a bit of black humour or a heavier twist, but sugar-coating it with breezy pop makes it all the more biting.

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