Saturday, December 13, 2014


Here's a little-discussed fact. Crime Of The Century, Supertramp's breakthrough from 1974, and probably best-loved release, found its biggest success right here in Canada. While it was a big hit in England, and a decent one in the U.S., in Canada we went nuts for it. It sold over a million copies in Canada, twice as much as the U.S. I didn't even own the album, yet listening to this Deluxe Edition released forty years later, I know every note. Not just the hits, I mean the album tracks too, that's how often my friends played it.

The album came out of nowhere, the band having released two uninspired previously albums in 1970 and 1971. But somehow the songwriting clicked in Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, and they came up with a new sound, somewhere between prog and pop. They used searching lyrics, and a keyboard sound that was different for radio, the Wurlitzer electric piano. The big tracks were School, Bloody Well Right and Dreamer, each moody and dramatic, and exciting. I don't think they ever wrote better, even though the hits kept coming, especially with the world-wide #1, Breakfast In America.

This deluxe edition isn't as packed as some others, offering up only a live concert on the second disc, from 1975. The entire album is played, along with some newly-written tunes that would come out on the follow-up, Crisis? What Crisis? Fans who have complained about the too-loud mix on the earlier compact discs will be pleased to know the audio has been restored to original levels, so that's a major plus. But the biggest bonus might possibly be rediscovering this gem, one of those albums that was so big (in Canada) that we couldn't enjoy the subtleties at the time.


  1. Great review, Bob. Crime of the Century is one of my all time favorite albums. It's one I can listen to over and over. I particularly hold Roger Hodgson's songs close - Dreamer, Hide in Your Shell, School, and If Everyone Was Listening. I saw him last month at Casino Rama in Ontario and was blown away. I wish the show had lasted all night! Don't miss Roger on his world tour next year. Check out this video I just saw on his channel -

  2. Crime Of The Century was created in a magical period, so they created a classic album, I’m never tired to listen to. All the stuff there is amazing, but I’ve always been fond of Roger Hodgson’s songs. His compositions are so special. School, If Everyone Was Listening, Hide in Your Shell or Dreamer, which is always one of the highlights in his shows. How lucky we are to can enjoy live these songs and all the others penned by Roger, in his successful shows all around the world. Check his website or facebook page to find the best date for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a real show of Roger Hodgson

  3. I have had the great opportunity last November, to enjoy Rama-Canada-, the last two show's Roger Hodgson Tour 2015. A luxury hear his compositions accompanied on these two occasions with Band, Choir and Orchestra . There is no doubt that Roger is considered one of the great composers of music history; are many songs in his repertoire that have been major global successes over several generations and still listening with the same force today.
    Enjoy !!