Tuesday, July 26, 2016


As much as she has made her name solo, Julie Doiron can't help be drawn back to bands. Whether it be her Juno-winning turn with The Woodenstars, her early and often-reunited group Eric's Trip, joining Gord Downie's solo outings, or several one-off touring combos, when she wants to rock a little, she gets by with a little help from her friends.

This time she's an equal partner in a new Sackville, N.B. hometown collective that also includes her partner C.L. McLaughlin, veteran East Coast writer Jon McKiel, sax player Chris Meaney and drummer James Anderson.

The chugging sax gives an old-fashioned rock 'n' roll feel to some of the eight tracks here, a bit of the old garage feel. That mixes well with the decidedly unpolished atmosphere, everything in a bit of a mud bath. McLaughlin and Doiron share vocals, sometimes together, sometimes not, sometimes trading lines, but rarely singing loud enough to be fully heard. The band though can make an unholy din when required, as in Between The Lampost (You and I). The best parts are when the sax cuts through, certainly making this a distinctive outfit.

The group has been trying things out on an Eastern Canadian tour that has worked its way from Ontario back home, with dates remaining in Saint John Wednesday night at Callahan's, and then to their own hometown festival, the beloved Sappyfest from July 29 - 31. Then they wrap it all up with a show in Fredericton Aug. 1 at ReNeu Boutique, as we all celebrate New Brunswick Day.

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