Wednesday, February 12, 2014


On an album that begins "We touched beneath our skin, right down to the bare wires," and is filled with lots of mechanized and angular, machine-made music, there's a surprising warmth to Too True.  That's mostly due to singer/writer/sole member Dee Dee's passionate readings of her dark lyrics.  The more danceable tunes see her recall sweet Debby Harry;  the darker ballads have the beauty of Johnette Napolitano's L.A.-noire of Concrete Blonde.

Along with producers Richard Gottehrer and Sune Rose Wagner (Wagner plays much of the music), Dee Dee has a blend of New Wave, synth-dance, shoegaze and decadence.  Evil Blooms is a bouncy 80's track, programmed drums up front, but some serious guitar behind, ending in a My Bloody Valentine bit of squeal.  Rimbaud Eyes is a sweet croon, with a dark threat lurking behind.  She's going to make us move, even when the subject matter is pretty bleak, or at least searching.  Lost Boys And Girls Club has "the void in my head, the hole in my heart, I fill them with things which all fall apart."  And in Trouble Is My Name, it's "I had a vision, I wanted to be dead."  I hope all this ultimately pleasing music helps keep the visions at bay.

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