Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The venerable psychobillies umpteenth album, still growing strong, and possibly better than ever?  After all, Jim Heath and company have been doing this long enough to know what works, and how to keep it fresh.  Plus, he keeps coming up with great lyric ideas, and an endless supply of tremendous riffs.

The key is that there aren't many rockabilly bands around, and it's always fun to dip your toe back in, especially with such an incendiary bunch.  With all the energy of punk, but with chops galore, you can have your thrash and still marvel at the quality playing.  

Heath also knows the right level of double-entendre to use.  The instant classic here is Let Me Teach You How To Eat, which never crosses the line, but lets you know its one big metaphor:  "How to marinate the meat/let me teach how to eat."  But it's not all jokes; Schizoid is his commentary on all the kids today being prescribed drugs for any number of anxieties that might just be part of growing up.  Basic love ballads aren't part of his repertoire. Intense rocking is. 

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