Sunday, May 4, 2014


Nice to see Arden back in the writing groove, after doing another covers album last time out in 2011, and various broadcasting and memoir things the last few years. She's an interesting personality for sure, but I like her best when she's coming up with original songs, and ten of the eleven here are her own. I like her even better when she's rocking it up a bit, and lead single You Love Me Back has punch. Working again with heavyweight producer Bob Rock, there's a renewed vigor here.

Opener Comin' 'Round For Us is the best of the bunch, a co-write with Emm Gryner. It's a fun and rocking number, our heroine battling the elements for love: "Earthquakes, big snakes, salt lakes, each and every mistake I've made." Another strong story is Karolina, a woman with a past that's holding her back. This being Jann Arden, there are a number of sensitive ballads too, a little too mellow at times. But with her strong, caring voice, Arden always can engage you, and some extra Rock is what the doctor ordered.

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