Tuesday, May 20, 2014


They don't call him Shakey for nothing. Neil Young loves to shake things up, and you never know what kind of album he's going to release, whether it's country, folk, rockabilly, screeching rock, blues, he just follows his muse. This time, for the new A Letter Home, he's putting out an album that nobody's ever made before. Teaming up with producer Jack White, Young has recorded acoustic cover versions of songs that have long been favourites, that he says set the direction for his career. You get Willie Nelson's Crazy, Dylan's Girl From The North Country, Gordon Lightfoot's Early Morning Rain, and eight more. But it's the way they were recorded that sets this apart. He used White's vintage 1947 Voice-0-Graph recorded booth, the only working one left in the world. These machines, much like a phone booth, allowed people to walk in and immediately make a record. Seeing the machine in action appealed to Young's nature, and away he went. A Letter Home will be released on Tuesday, May 27. But thanks to the folks at Warner Music, you can stream it here for a preview listen. So click the link, and go back in time with Neil Young.

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