Monday, September 22, 2014


No longer 17, but still sexy, Brian Setzer continues on the rockabilly train, one of the few but proud who keep the music alive.  It's been 31 years since The Stray Cats bothered the Top 40, 21 since the last album by the band, and 10 since they last toured, but there's still a great love and appreciation for the sizzling sound Setzer makes.  He continues to offer up short, fast and fun numbers such as opening cut Let's Shake, a blazing number at double-speed, with a some major guitar solos from Setzer, and mighty Jerry Lee-piano pounding from Kevin KcKendree.  It's an absolute rip-roaring number that may be too good to open with, it's that hard to beat.

Setzer then mixes it up with more picking, on the semi-autobiographical Rockabilly Blues, and some fun novelty numbers.  That's part of the genre, having some fun, making some puns, keeping it light in the lyrics but crazy in the playing.  Vinyl Records is a perfect update for today, about a woman who has to have her music the classic way:  "She plays vinyl records/45 RPM/Vinyl records/She drops down the needle and spins them again."  Stiletto Cool is about a dangerous femme fatale, straight out of film noire.  The best pun is I Should'a Had a V-8, not the juice but the car, because a V-6 doesn't cut it.  Sprinkle in a couple of slower cuts, and lots and lots of fireworks from the guitar, and this is everything you want from rockabilly, something that just won't die, and here's why.

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