Monday, September 29, 2014


It's acoustic-based pop, with a little folk and a bit more soul, and a lot emotion.  Hayes digs deep to find the truths, how love has affected her and guides her life.  She puts all that into her vocals, expressing for the most part a warmth that she has gained from these experiences.  The four songs here come from her own life stories, and love experiences, but not all romantic ones; there's one that focuses on the love of a child, and another from a dream about being with all the right kind of people who understand you.  Hayes is also a theatre performer, which explains her ability to connect, and her emphasis on communication, without tricks in the way.

The young Toronto singer-songwriter doesn't bother with any hip production or sounds, ironic lyrics or obscure references.  On her debut studio work, a four-track E.P., it's singer-songwriter stuff about love, with basic instruments, and no effects, no layers of ambiance or loops.  Just piano, drums, acoustic guitars, organ, a couple of horns, harmonica, and the singer.  Hayes doesn't even have any echo or electronic presence on her voice that I can hear, it's about as clean as you're going to get, as little between you, the singer and the band as can be. 

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