Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So I just got around to reading Neil Young's autobiography lately, and near the end, he talk about driving in one of his many cars on a long road trip to L.A.  He enthuses about listening to the Pistol Annies debut album.  Coincidentally, the new album by the trio arrived this week, so I figured I'd better see what old Neil is hot on.

Young mentions many times in his book that he's recently given up smoking dope.  So that doesn't explain his attraction to the band.  Of course, he's always loved country music, so there's that.  And he loves loud drums, and I don't think I've ever heard a country album with bigger bangs than this one.  Really, except for the overly-twangy voices, it's often hard not to call this a rock album.

Young also famously joined a supergroup, CSNY, and still plays with them when the feeling is right.  Pistol Annies are kind of like that.  There's Miranda Lambert, who came to fame via Nashville Star, and has a pretty successful career.  Then there's Ashley Monroe, still climbing in her career, a bit of a name.  The third member is Angaleena Presley, who has the required glamorous looks and strong voice required for this trio.  Young enthuses about their voices, which are fine, and they do mix together well.  But it's the same old stuff about cowboys and wanting to be loved by a working man.  Then there's the downright offensive Being Pretty Ain't Pretty, where we're supposed to feel sorry for them because it's such a drag having to put on lipstick and wear high heels.  I think they're trying for irony there, but one look at the booklet photos shows they don't have any problem showing off.

Funny thing is, Young's book had me convinced he was actually on the ball with his thinking.  Now, I'm questioning that.

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  1. I am loving the new album! Hush Hush has to be one of my favorite tracks…