Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Oh, it's that classic music story; boy grows up in Austin, Texas, surrounded by all that history and Americana hipness, becomes a songwriter, then strikes out on his own.  Along the way he moves to London, becomes a studio boffin, and re-works the 80's in dreamy synth-pop of today.  Okay, Alejandro Escovedo he ain't.

He's Greg Hughes, the main man behind Still Corners, and after a decade in Jolly Old, he's very much Jane Austin, not Texas Austin.  He does pretty much everything here, except sing, and that's accomplished by Tessa Murray, with appropriate detached, languid ease.  Album #2 sees the duo fall further into the feathery pillows of calm, catchy synth lines, with beats that move it near, but never quite onto the dance floor.  Well, unless it's one of those really cool places where everybody just chills and sways by themselves, hugging themselves.

Hughes keeps things rather simple and clear, choosing not to layer too much, and let the main sounds shine through.  Murray's vocals are up front as well, and that's where the ambiance and mystery comes from.  She's a spectral presence throughout, gliding on top of the pop.  Despite the 80's references on the tech side, overall it's much more modern and highly focused in the production.

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