Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Here's another member of the fertile Ottawa singer-songwriter community. Folk's long had a hold on the area, and it's expanded with roots music. Allen offers all that, plus a rockin' edge too. The lead track on this new one, Heart of a Lion, comes with gutsy guitar, and a stirring chorus, he's Rocky with a six-string.

The single Rush of Blood is more moody but no less inspiring, again with an electric band building up the intensity. Easy sees him more into more acoustic territory, but it's got a sharpness to it as well (plus a nasty lead guitar line). Plus, there's an emotional core to it reminiscent of Ryan Adams, back in the Heartbreaker days.

No Need To Hurry is another ballad with strength, certainly a calling card for Allen. Each of the six tracks on this mini-album is a keeper, and a promise of a strong future.

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