Thursday, June 25, 2015


Out of B.C. chugs Mark Crissinger, although he did twenty years in Toronto, schooled at the Elmo, the Horseshoe, Grossman's, etc., a member of various bands and outfits. After some rock and roots outings, he's settled back in the blues, a re-birth in a way. There's no falling back on covers on this one, it features a full twelve original cuts, Crissinger obviously ready to express himself this way.

Crissinger has that rare asset for a blues guy, quite a pleasing voice. So not only are you getting wall-to-wall solid grooves, there's a polish to the performance as well. The tunes range from laid-back to excited, his band able to pound when called on, and Crissinger an able guitar slinger and soloist as well. Plus, the sound on the disc is crisp and clean, with the arrangements vibrant. Writer, singer, player, bandleader, recording artist, as they say in baseball, he's a five-tool star. Great to have him on the blues side.

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