Friday, June 26, 2015


The Tull classic has held up remarkably well, and hopefully this latest reissue will win some younger fans new to the fluted fabulousness of Ian Anderson. After all, it's on vinyl, so that should attract the kids. And us old guys too, who lost their original somewhere...can't quite remember...anyway, always loved it.

This version features the new mix prepared for the 2012 deluxe set, which didn't change any of instruments or levels, or add anything, just made it a little clearer. It's a grand, heavy, 180 gram pressing, and those famous notes sound warm and bright again, an old friend to these ears.

The packaging was different though. I was hoping for an exact replica of the original, famous newspaper cover, which was a fold-out. Instead, it's the next best thing at least. It's been included as a glossy booklet, quite big for an album really. It also includes the book notes from the 2012 box, which are first-rate, with nicely bitchy quotes from Anderson, full of lots of great details. As much as I loved the old fold-out paper, the inclusion of the extra info and photos more than makes up for the change. All kidding aside, it is one of the albums that belongs in your vinyl collection. And it also comes with a download card, giving you your digital option as well.

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