Monday, May 16, 2016


The Bowie floodgates remain open, with another '70's favourite reissued on vinyl. This was a big one back in the day for us fans, as you could finally get the obscure (for Canada/U.S.) John, I'm Only Dancing single, a hit in England. Plus, the darn thing was straight thru classic after classic, from Space Oddity to Golden Years, with the requisite time with Ziggy Stardust along the way. Later best-of's and boxed sets are bloated with the many failed experiments or jaded returns to pop hit-making that exist throughout Bowie's career, but this stuff is the bomb, and a thrilling listen always.

So, what about that old pressing you still have? Well, I have mine, anyway. And I can tell you this beats it hands-down, thanks to the most recent mixes, and the heavyweight vinyl. The off-mic echo on Rebel Rebel is more pronounced, which makes the vocal sound so different on that track. There are guitar parts I've not noticed before on Diamond Dogs. The grooves certainly seem to hold more information and allow for more clarity. The old 1970's RCA pressing was so thin you could see through it. This one? Well, you can see through it too, but that's because it's clear vinyl. Apparently some are clear, some black, you don't know until you open them up, I got lucky with mine. Anyway, I'm selling my original copy and keeping this, if anybody's looking...

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