Tuesday, November 22, 2016


The fourth full-length for St. Thomas, Ont.'s Gauthier, which looks like a homespun, handmade set on the outside, but is remarkably polished and pleasing. Gauthier is a smooth-as-silk self-producer, with a dreamy, gentle sound and voice, using little or no percussion. The songs float on by, but never too sleepy, there's just enough of a rhythm to form an easy groove, and lots of warm vocal sounds to bring on smiles.

He's growing stronger still as a lyricist, and this one has a positive, thoughtful theme. While we're all passengers as life takes us along, there are plenty of opportunities to make it good, interesting, valuable. From great loves to late parents, there are songs of how we relate, and what we take from each other, what we can mean to different people. And on every song, at some point, Gauthier reaches back and hits a beautiful high note. This is great example of a sound matching a singer matching a lyric, all so soothing, right down to the few minutes of bird songs that quietly finish the vinyl version of the album. Speaking of that, you can pick up the limited edition, hand-signed and numbered clear vinyl copy at his website, www.denigauthier.com.

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  1. This a beautiful album. Recording & production and performance - all pristine and ever-so-tasteful. I haven't been able to take this CD out of my van for all the months I have owned it. Deni Gauthier is the real deal. No pretence. Just real life stuff that we have all gone through and yet never heard articulated like this. It really does hit home in all the right ways.