Friday, November 25, 2016


Erike Kulnys is playing launch shows for her latest album around her Nova Scotia home over the next month, including gigs this weekend, tonight in Liverpool and tomorrow in Lunenburg.  The folk performer has never been shy about speaking up for her beliefs, standing up for causes and concerns, those old-fashioned values such as social justice, freedom, humanity, all that stuff that seems shockingly out of favour all of a sudden in certain circles.  So what better time to pay attention to a little music from the left of the spectrum, to get us galvanized on some core values again?  Kulnys' music has taken her from the North Sea to South America, from the Andes to India, in developing countries and remote villages, working for change, for audiences at the World Social Forum, Pride festivals, and the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.  And it's extra nice that she always brings it back home to Nova Scotia.

Kulnys' messages go down with a spoonful of sugar, thanks to her gorgeous voice with a big range and a great delivery, lots of character.  Her music is easy-going acoustic, with plenty of help from pedal steel, keys, and uptempo rhythm sections.  Plus, she mixes up the material, so for every message song, we got one from the personal side, such as the sexy I'm On Fire, and another that's positive and life-affirming.  And this isn't bang-you-over-the-head socialism, it's thoughtful and inspirational, such as Roaring For A Revolution, about awaking the lion within us all, when the chips get down:  "Rustling in the night/something alive and with a will to fight."

Kulnys plays album launch shows at the Queens Place Emera Centre in Liverpool tonight, Nov. 25, and then Saturday, Nov. 26 at Saint John's Anglican Church in Lunenburg, Saturday, Dec. 3 at the Music Room in Halifax, and then she's doing a Rise up residency at The Company House in Halifax, playing each Wednesday in December.

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